Die Rettung der uns bekannten Welt



Die Rettung der uns bekannten Welt
Feature Film 2021
Director: Til Schweiger
Script: Lo Malinke, Til Schweiger
Production: Barefoot Films in Koproduktion mit Warner Bros., Erfttal Film und Perathon Film
Distribution: Warner Bros. Pictures Germany
Supported By: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, FFF Bayern, FFA, DFFF
Outside the Club: Visual Effects

Hardy is a single father of three children and is struggling to organize their lives and his own. When his18-year-old son Paul attempts suicide, he is forced to take him to a clinic. There, Paul meets Toni. Together they break out and experience a great day of freedom. But Paul, who suffers from severe mood swings between sky-high elation and despair, has another depressive episode.