How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)Season 2



How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 2:
Netflix Original Series

6 Episodes, 24-36 Minutes
Production: bildundtonfabrik

Outside the Club: VFX Set Supervision, VFX Vendor, VFX Producing

Back to Business. After Moritz (Maximilian Mundt), Lenny (Danilo Kamperidis) and Dan (Damian Hardung) have become so successful with their online drug shop MyDrugs that they have already made a total of one million euros, they actually want to say goodbye to the international drug trade. If it weren't for Moritz's ego, which secretly wants to continue and ensures that he slowly runs out of white lies for Lisa (Lena Klenke), Lenny, who brings the hacker Kira (Lena Urzendowsky) along, and the fact that not only the police but also two small-time crooks are hot on their heels.