Wishlist 2.0



Wishlist Season 2:
In-house production
Genre: Mystery-Webseries
Length: 12 episodes / 25-35 min, 350 min
Production period: 2017
Shooting days: 69
Release: Amazon Prime, YouTube, funk.net
Licensing: Finnland, Russland

Dustin killed someone, but what was his wish on the app? On the run from his friends he meets Norma Jean, a mysterious woman who takes his life in a new direction. But it soon turns out that Norma lures him directly to the Wishlist headquarters. There Dustin is celebrated as a hero and they initiate him into the ideology behind Wishlist, an anarchy in which only the strong survive, in which everyone can do and be what he wants to be. Mira, Casper, Janina and Kim destroy their smartphones and now try on their own to uncover the organization behind Wishlist and to destroy the app. They are willing to pay a high price for it …




A look at the work behind Wishlist. (For press use)