Trunk - Locked In
Amazon Studios, Feature Film
Cast: Sina Martens, Luise Helm, Poal Cairo, Artjom Gilz, Charles Rettinghaus, Janina Sachau
Producers: Tobias Lohf, Marc Schießer
Director: Marc Schießer
Cinematography: Daniel Ernst, Tobias Lohf
Screenplay: Marc Schießer
Dramaturgical Consultant: Melina Pelc
Production Design: Laura Schwarzmeier
Make-Up: Julika Leiendecker
Gaffer: Nils Künstler, Wanja Krieger
Sound: Fatih Aydin
Sounddesign: Jürgen Funk
Mixing: Stefan Korte
Production: Outside the Club
Visual Effects: Outside the Club

The 28-year-old medical student Malina wakes up disoriented in a locked trunk and must realize with horror that she is missing more than just her memory. With her phone as the only connection to the outside world, the intelligent young woman wages a desperate fight for survival while the vehicle races relentlessly toward a terrible secret. Even if she makes it – she will never be the same.



» If you can stomach claustrophobia stick with the film « - The New York Times -

» A claustrophobic thriller full of twists and turns, demanding every ounce of your attention « - Loud and Clear -

» Hold your breath and buckle up, genre fans! « - Horror Fuel -

» TRUNK is the stuff nightmares are made of « - Heaven of Horror -

» Hollywood take note. Sina Martens has the presence to lead a blockbuster. « - Movieweb -