Series, ARD Mediathek, 2024, 8 Episodes
Directors: Adolfo J. Kolmerer, Christian Alvart
Cinematography: Christian Huck
Screenplay: Arend Remmers, Martin Behnke, Adolfo J. Kolmerer, Ronny Schalk, Christian Alvart
Production: Syrreal Entertainment
Outside the Club: Additional VFX

The Oderbruch becomes the scene of a serial murder case on an unprecedented scale: a mountain of corpses and animal carcasses is found in a field near the small village of Krewlow. The countless murders go back decades. Inspector Roland Voit (Felix Kramer) is assigned to support the investigation alongside Polish detective Stanislaw Zajak (Lucas Gregorowicz). Voit's former colleague and childhood sweetheart Maggie Kring (Karoline Schuch) is also called in to help with the investigation. Together, but each on their own, the three try to uncover the secret of the mountain of corpses. In the process, Maggie is drawn into the dark past of her own family. This multi-layered mystery thriller combines the search for the perpetrator with a supernatural twist.