Love Addicts



Love Addicts
Series, Amazon Prime Video, 2022, 8 Episodes á 30 Min.
Director: Arabella Bartsch, Janosch Chávez-Kreft
Cinematography: Felix Striegel, Maximilian Hoever
Screenplay: Julia Drache, Jenn Knott, Gemma Michalski, Isaiah Michalski, Burkhardt Wunderlich
Production: Warner Bros. ITVP Deutschland
Outside the Club: Visual Effects

Because of her sexcapades, Zoé is ordered by her boss to join the self-help group of "anonymous love and sex addicts", where she meets Nele, a romantic addict, Ben, who is incapable of having a relationship, and Dennis, the people pleaser and Yes Man. Together they try to find a healthy way of dealing with sex and love.