Ze Network



Ze Network
Series, RTL+, 2022, 8 Episodes
Director: Christian Alvart
Cinematography: Christian Alvart
Screenplay: Arend Remmers, Christian Alvart
Production: Syrreal Entertainment, CBS Studios
Outside the Club: Visual Effects

"A quirky agent thriller with a fast-paced story, daring twists and full of black humour. In the middle of it all: Hollywood star David Hasselhoff and Grimme Award winner Henry Hübchen ("Alles auf Zucker!") as... themselves! Their story? As over-the-top as it is unbelievable: In the twisty story, the two actors fall into the centre of an international agent conspiracy in Germany - triggered by a theatre role. Excuse me? Exactly. After all, "Ze Network" always raises the question: what is actually real and what is not?" - RTL+